Why sweep a chimney ?

A chimney, which is not properly cleaned, can pose a serious risk of causing a fire.

Chimneys, which become blocked by nesting birds or poor maintenance, also mean you are at risk of deadly Carbon Monoxide gas not escaping up the flue properly.

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When should I have my chimney swept ?

The guild of master sweeps recommend that chimneys are swept a minimum of once a year for solid fuel, oil and gas.

Thatched property owners need to be aware of clauses in their insurance policies may stipulate twice a year regardless of how often they are used.

Also when smoke puffs out at you it is a good indication that the chimney is in need of sweeping.

Wood burning fires may require sweeping up to four times a year.

Chimneys should always be swept and inspected for safety, before any new installation of coal, gas or wood burning fires or boilers is undertaken.

As well as making sure that all gas appliances are serviced annually, it is also the landlords responsibility to make sure that the flue ways are cleaned annually by a qualified chimney sweep.

Who is responsible if any damage is done to my property ?

I am fully insured against any accidental damage to your property or contents.